Hello people..

Have you ever gone through something which hurts you deep into your bones and takes the life out of you and still you stay into the dilemma of holding on and letting go??

It’s tough yeah?? I know it is, even I found it a tough task to do. Probably one of the most difficult things I had to do ever..

Letting go of something you held so tight for so long needs a huge amount of courage, letting go of something you want badly needs a lot of strength because it not only demands to let go of something you dreamt of like from forever but it also snatches the right of even thinking about getting that thing back from you.

And it hurts… It hurts really bad..!!

But you know what, there comes a time when you are better without what you want the most. Why? Because not every cup is your cup of tea no matter how much you like it..!


Before deciding whether to hold on to or let go of something or someone, we need to understand what do they contribute to our lives.. We need to understand whether it is meant for us or not. Let us consider a very simple example, whenever we go for shopping, we might like a lot of dresses or shoes but we don’t buy them immediately. Do we? No, we don’t..!! We first try them and check whether they fit us or not, whether they are looking good on us or not and then we reject those that don’t fit us, no matter how much we liked it.

Why so? Because if we try to fit into a dress that is not meant for us, either it will hurt us or it will look like an extra large jumper hanging on a hanger ultimately disgusting our look. Or if we try to fit into the shoes not meant for us, either our toe starts to hurt or else our feet hangs somewhere in air with each step we take. And when all these experiments are done, we select something that fits us so nicely that it looks like it was made for us only.


Same is with the people, feelings and emotions. Holding on to any person or any feeling that hurts you or takes your peace away hurts as hell. It hurts you emotionally, mentally and then ultimately hampers your personality. It turns you into someone that’s not you. Stretching a rubber band more than a particular extent will hurt you only and if accidentally or suddenly it slips from your hand, it hurts even more. So it’s better to leave it before it starts to hurt you more and more.

Holding on to any person, love, friend or feeling that destroys you mentally, that doesn’t contributes in your peace, needs to be left.

Forgive yourself Quotes Whatever it is. Forgive yourself. You did your best. Let it go.-min.jpg

Now why to let go.. I have written previously about Self Love. And I will again say First Love Yourself (F L Y). A person who cannot love himself/herself should not expect anyone else to love them. And if you cannot love yourself, no one else will ever love you the way you deserve. And if you love yourself you need to let go of every toxic thing around you be it a feeling, a person, a thing or anything else.

You lost your love? You lost your job? You failed in exam? You loved someone who loves someone else? CRY.. Yes cry over it. Cry for as many days you want to but once you’re done make sure that you never ever cry for that reason again. And for this, you need to let it all go.


To cure any disease we need to take bitter pills. They taste like poison and we feel like just spilling it out and sometimes we even think “I am okay with this disease but I don’t want to have this bitter poison..” but this is not the right thing to do right? If we want to get well, we need to take those bitter sips so as to recover. And it’s just a matter of time, once we get well, no more tasteless food or bitter medicine is required.

Similarly, we need to take the pain of letting go in order to achieve the ultimate peace. Yes it will hurt, yes it will make you cry, it might even force you to give up but then there’s no bad in taking a little pain which will ultimately contribute into your happiness, your smile, your peace. Every story that starts, comes to an end someday.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened..

Life is too short to be taken for granted. One should never destroy their present thinking about their forever.. FOREVER is the most overrated word these days, when we don’t even know how many days of our lives are left, why to destroy the day we are living at present by thinking about a forever and a future which doesn’t even exists right now???


Learn your value..

Love yourself..

Know your worth..

Don’t take today for granted..

Make yourself a priority..

Let go of what demands your own self..

Because when you let go, you create space for something better. Your peace is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to understand why something happened the way it did. LET IT GO.

Even the frozen princess sings it out loud-

My power flurries through the air into the ground
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
I’m never going back, the past is in the past..


Self Love…

The meaning of love is disappearing day by day.. People mistake “LOVE” as something they can only give to others, but they forget that the most important person of their life is THEY THEMSELVES. They forget to love themselves before loving someone else or before expecting love from someone else.

Self love is something that tells people how we should be treated. Loving ownself is the standard we set for the people who come into our lives and claim to love us.

Heartbreaks are so common these days and people keep blaming “LOVE” for this.. But actually love is the most beautiful feeling one can have, loving someone is pure happiness and loved by someone is what all of us wish for..

Love makes a person beautiful from the inside and out.. Then how could this pure emotion be blamed for all heartbreaks??

The problem is, when we fall for someone, we forget ourselves. We forget that long before they came into our lives, we were with ourselves. We should not just put the key to our happiness in someone else’s hands.. Happiness is something that comes from inside, nobody can inject it into you. Fall in love but, don’t forget to love yourself first.

Loving oneself is like decorating the cake of your life, with sprinklers, frosting etc.. And the love you get from others is just the cherry at the top.

But without the entire cake beneath, that cherry is just a tiny fruit and nothing special..

Your love for yourself is the example for the type of love you deserve. It is a kind of demo of how you should be loved. So that if at the worst case possible your love fails, you’ll be saved from hurting yourself, hating yourself, and breaking yourself down. You’ll know that, this was not what you deserved.. You deserve better love, a love which is kind of the love you have for yourself.

Self love is the armour which saves you and your heart from destruction..

Before giving all of your love to someone else and expecting to get the same in return, first love yourself, let them see, let them know how you should be loved, what kind of love you deserve, and then see the magic happening all around..

Self love is not selfish; you cannot truly love other untill you know how to love yourself.

F L Y ; FirstLoveYourself ❗